As skin rejuvenation technology advances in leaps and bounds, some people are finding this to be an alternative to undergoing surgery, or are holding off surgery into their later years. Thermage is a non-surgical cosmetic technology that has revolutionalised how ageing related skin concerns are treated. Thermage creates real results, giving patients a noticeably younger appearance.

Some of the key visible signs of ageing are skin laxity and loss of tone as well as wrinkles and a degradation of the texture of the skin. Each of these aspects is addressed with the Thermage system which works to create tighter, smoother skin, while also softening wrinkles and creating a younger, fresher appearance.

How Does Thermage Work?

The FDA approved Thermage system harnesses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep dermis of the skin. The device is placed against the skin in order to deliver pulses of the radiofrequency energy which penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin where structural changes can be made, while protecting the delicate outer layer of the skin. The deep heating of the dermis causes the collagen within the skin to tighten while also stimulating collagen growth. The result of these actions is that the skin tissue lifts and tightens immediately while also stimulating continuous gradual tightening after the treatment.

What Are the Results of Thermage?

The overwhelming majority of patients will experience an observable tightening of their skin immediately after treatment. The results will continue to improve over a period of six months as the effects of the increased collagen levels become more and more visible. This will not only result in a more youthful appearance, it will also prevent ageing of the skin in the future. The results of the treatment can last for several years, depending on the individual. The best part is that most patients require only one Thermage treatment in order see these results.

What Does the Thermage Treatment Feel Like?

Thermage treatments are not painful. When the Thermage pulse is released into your skin, you will feel a heating sensation but this should not be painful. Your Thermage operator will consult with you as they apply the treatment and will alter the temperature of the device if necessary in order to achieve maximum comfort and results.

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