Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

As we age, we lose volume in our face, causing the skin to draw downwards, creating sunken cheeks and an overall gaunt facial appearance.  Fat transfer is a natural approach to restore volume and rejuvenate areas of the face. A fat transfer procedure takes unwanted fat from one part of the body (generally the thighs and buttocks) and transfers it to another area that requires enhancement.

Where can I transfer fat to?

Fat transfer can be used to restore volume to many different areas, including:

  • Restore lost facial volume, sunken temples and fill hollow cheeks
  • Minimise deep frown and smiles lines
  • Plump-up thin lips
  • Reduce skin depressions- such as acne scaring
  • Replace lost volume in the back of the hands, and minimise the appearance of tendons and veins

How does a fat transfer work?

The unwanted fat from the thigh or buttocks area is suctioned out through a cannula. The harvested fat cells are then purified and combined with protein rich plasma from your own blood. Once treated, your harvested fat is injected in to the areas requiring enhancement.

Why should you opt for a fat transfer?

  • Natural approach to rejuvenate your skin
  • Uses your own natural fat, eliminating the possibility of an allergic reaction
  • Long-lasting results
  • There is little, to no down time
  • Provides smooth, natural looking results
  • You can store your harvested fat for future transfer treatments

Fat transfer are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the last few years with improved techniques, such as the micro-droplet or “threading” approach, which increases the longevity of the fat graft.

Results and recovery

Recovery time for this procedure is very quick. You may have minor swelling and redness in the treated area. The swelling will last anywhere from 24-72 hours; although it should completely gone in 2-4 weeks. For the best results possible, Dr Alia Nasser may recommend you have another 1-2 treatments. Results will generally last up to seven years.

Contact us today to discuss your fat transfer options with Dr Alia Nasser- call 02 9363 2224 or email enquiry@vervecosmeticclinic.com.au

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