Skin Care Tips- In Your 40’s

Skin Care Tips- In Your 40’s

For most women, sun damage continues to show up as hyperpigmentation. Many 40-somethings struggle with hormone-related problems such as acne and skin dryness.

Use a hydrating cleanser such as Cosmedix Benefit Clean morning and night. If you’re prone to occasional pimples, try a face wash with salicylic acid. Cosmedix Purity Clean works wonders.

To repair and protect, look for a serum rich in antioxidants. Dr Nasser suggests finding a product with epidermal growth factors to help stimulate collagen production. Results Rx Pepoxide and Aspect Dr Multi B are perfect products for this purpose. If you’ve concerned about your eye area, enhance your eye cream with either one of these serums and apply as normal.

Look for products that help reverse the aging process of the skin and protect the face from further sun damage. Cover yourself by using Skin Medica TNS Ceremide treatment cream in combination with Reflect SPF from Cosmedix.

Night-time Treatment
Invest in your skin and spend time on your bed time regime.  Retinoid cream will be your new best friend. Retinoid boosts collagen and elastin, preventing future sagging and acne. Results Rx X-cell is recommended for night time use.

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