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Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a common problem affecting two or three percent of the Australian population. This condition sees a person produce more sweat than is needed, and it is either generalised or localised to specific parts of the body, such as the hands, feet, armpits, face or the body overall.

Those who suffer from hyperhidrosis can find that the condition is embarrassing in their everyday lives, negatively impacting on daily activities, work and social life, emotional well-being and relationships. There are general measures a person can take to lessen the effect of hyperhidrosis, such as wearing garments designed to absorb sweat and reduce odour or using antiperspirants. But, most frequently fail to improve the condition.

At Verve Cosmetic Clinic, hyperhidrosis treatment can minimise this excessive sweating through a non-surgical procedure. Using an anti-wrinkle injection treatment, the nerve impulses that are causing you to sweat can be blocked so that sweating is reduced for a significant period of time.

What Happens during Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

A specialised injection has now been approved to treat hyperhidrosis.

During the procedure, this is injected into the skin to prevent the symptoms of extreme sweating. A fine needle is used and injected directly into the area of the body that will benefit from reduced sweating. Hyperhidrosis treatment is fast and simple and it only usually takes around 30 minutes from start to finish, but this will depend on the size of the treatment area.

Does Hyperhidrosis Treatment Hurt?

Every step is taken to make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible during hyperhidrosis treatment. Generally, the injections are well tolerated by patients. But, there can be a slight discomfort depending on where the injections are. If this is causing the patient trouble going through with the procedure, a local anaesthetic can be applied to numb the area for a better treatment experience.

Are there any Side Effects from Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Side effects from hyperhidrosis treatment are minimal. There may be some minor swelling and little bruises from the injection sites, but this will fade by itself. You may experience some numbness in the skin where the injections were. But, this should not worry you and it will resolve itself within 48 hours of treatment. The results of hyperhidrosis treatment will be realised within a few weeks of having the procedure. Excessive sweating can be minimised for around six to 12 months.

Is there any Downtime Associated with Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

The great thing about hyperhidrosis treatment is that there is minimal downtime associated with the procedure. This means that patients do not have to take time off their work to undergo the procedure and you are free to leave the clinic as soon as you are ready. There is no need to postpone activities and you can return to your normal routine straight away.

Who are Suitable Candidates for Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

If you are experiencing excessive perspiration that is starting to interfere with your daily life, hyperhidrosis treatment can be a suitable procedure for you. Other temporary measures may not be offering the relief that you have been looking for, but this procedure can minimise excessive sweating with regular treatments. You will be able to find out if you are a good candidate for hyperhidrosis treatment when you discuss your medical history with a professional at Verve Cosmetic Clinic.

To learn more about your hyperhidrosis options, you can contact us today and arrange a consultation with Dr Alia Nasser.

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