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The Mona Lisa Touch procedure works to revitalise the vagina and alleviate symptoms that are related to vaginal atrophy. This means that this treatment is particularly recommended for women pre and post menopause, as well as women after experiencing pregnancy and child birth. It is a non-invasive procedure that can treat vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse and urinary incontinence, as well as mild prolapses, UTIs and loss of elasticity.

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure is offered at Verve Cosmetic Clinic and Dr Nasser’s all female team are here to help women look and feel their absolute best. This is an innovative treatment that is quick and simple for patients, with minimal side effects and downtime. This means that you can enjoy fast results that restore your self-confidence again. You will be required to attend a consultation prior to the Mona Lisa Touch procedure to make sure that you are a good candidate for the treatment and that you are aware of the risks and the results to expect.

What Happens during the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure?

Mona Lisa Touch uses a laser system for treatment. A sterile probe will be inserted into the vagina and the laser will stimulate collagen, which will allow the vaginal walls to restore tissue and rehydrate. This encourages healthy cells and the blood supply will be improved to the vaginal walls. The Mona Lisa Touch procedure lasts around 15 minutes, which means that patients feel like they are in and out of the clinic in no time. In most women, three treatment sessions are recommended but occasionally up to six sessions are required for further improvement in symptoms.

Does the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure Hurt?

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure is painless and does not hurt patients. However, some patients may feel slight discomfort for a few seconds in the beginning and end of procedure. But, generally this treatment is well tolerated without any problems. It is often described as similar to a PAP smear test and feels like a slight vibration. There is no need for any anaesthesia to be used.

Are there any Side Effects from the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure?

There are minimal side effects associated with the Mona Lisa Touch procedure. Some women do experience a little discomfort right after having the procedure, but this usually subsides within one day or two.

Is there any Downtime Associated with the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure?

There is minimal downtime associated with Mona Lisa Touch. Most women are able to return to their daily routine pretty quickly and it will be up to you whether you take time off work. You will need to avoid sexual activity for a minimum of five days. However, there is no restriction on the exercise that you can enjoy and your daily routine should not be disrupted by the Mona Lisa Touch procedure. Although some activities, such as hot baths should be avoided in recovery.

Who are Suitable Candidates for the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure?

The ideal candidate for the Mona Lisa Touch procedure is someone that suffered from urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, discomfort during intercourse and vaginal prolapse and laxity.

The length of the results of Mona Lisa Touch will vary from patient to patient. Normally, it is around 12 months after which patients return for a maintenance treatment which is usually one session. Maintenance sessions are arranged to continue results and relief symptoms.

If you would like to find out more about Mona Lisa Touch and how this procedure can help you, you can contact us today and arrange a consultation with Dr Alia Nasser.

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