Weight Loss


There is no magic pill to melt away the fat that has accumulated over the body.


However we like to consider the weight management needing basic fundamental components which when worked together encourage weight loss.


The pounds that melt stay away melted and do not return to plague the person over and over. Have you heard of how a woman is exclaiming about how she lost 50 lbs only to regain 60 lbs in next 5 years.


This is such a wide spread let down that we have carefully evaluated the various modalities of weight management.


The six pillars of weight loss program should be made a part of a health maintenance program.

Restore insulin sensitivity

Normal aging causes insulin receptors to be less sensitive to insulin. The result is insulin resistance. This means high levels of insulin are needed to keep the blood sugar in a normal range. When this passes a certain limit, blood sugar rises and a person develops frank type 2 diabetes. With high insulin comes the fat accumulation and active blocking of the fat breakdown.

One of the ways to restore insulin sensitivity is take certain supplements e.g. chromium, gymnema sylvetere , fish oils etc. Another way is to cut back in excess calories. The use of nutrients, hormones balancing, drugs that enhance insulin sensitivity should also be considered.

Eating low glycemic index foods

It is particularly important to avoid high glycemic foods as eating them raises blood sugar levels too high and too quickly. In response the insulin gets released and so the vicious cycle of insulin insensitivity and finally insulin resistance and then diabetes ensues.

Eating nutritious food includes complex carbohydrates, low glycemic foods and correct diet for your metabolic type.

Check your metabolic type and get on the correct genetic type diet for you today.

Eat to live a long and healthy life

Getting on any diet which results in weight loss but which cannot be maintained for life is a fad diet. Overcooked foods damage our body proteins while foods cooked at low temperature have been shown to facilitate weight loss.

Excess caloric intake accelerates aging process. Eat right for your metabolic type so you are not hungry and control your carbohydrate cravings naturally.

Restore brain Serotonin

When the brain is flooded with Serotonin, satiety normally occurs. A serotonin deficiency has been linked to carbohydrate binging that contributes to excess body fat. Obese individuals have low Tryptophan levels, which may be related to serotonin deficiency in the brain.

The latest research shows that chronic inflammation and immune system overactive appear to play a critical role on obesity. Some of the mediators of inflammation breakdown Tryptophan thus lower the level of serotonin in the body. In various studies it has been shown that if Tryptophan is given an hour before the meals, the total amount of carbohydrate intake was reduced but not the protein intake. Interesting huh!

Increase physical activity

Most people think the weight loss benefit of exercise is to use up more stored body fat calories. In reality Exercise induces many beneficial changes at the cellular level that contribute to better weight control. Increased physical activity tends to improve insulin sensitivity and mimics the effect of certain anti diabetic drugs. This can have favorable effect on body contouring.

Even modest increase in physical activity should produce a reduction in fat mass especially around the waist, remarkable enough to motivate even the most sedentary individuals.

Restore youthful hormone balance

Most overweight individuals deprive themselves of food and exercise hard only to be disappointed in the results. The reason is hormonal imbalance. These alterations occur as a normal part of aging process. A large percentage of men suffer from abdominal obesity, which could be as result of testosterone deficiency especially in the presence of excess estrogen. Low levels of DHEA and Thyroid hormone could also play an important part in obesity.

Full blood panel to check the various hormone levels will help a physician in identifying what hormones are out of balance and an appropriate prescription of natural hormones can be given to bring these hormones in harmony.

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