Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Sydney

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an advanced procedure that can lift and enhance the appearance of the buttock to correct a misshapen profile or drooping skin.

The treatment involves adding volume to the buttocks through either a fat transfer or buttock implants and produces a natural result.

At Verve Cosmetic Clinic, we favour the method of fat transfer for our patients receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift. This involves using your own fat and transferring it from areas of body where there is excess fat tissue and that would benefit from reduction. This is then reinjected and carefully moulded to achieve your newly augmented buttocks. The technique used ensures that the body does not reject the new fat tissue.

What Happens during a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Fat will be removed from the area of the body that has excess fat tissue using our liposculpture machine. The commonly used donor sites for a Brazilian Butt Lift include the stomach, thighs, back, upper arms and hips. The exact area where the fat will be removed from will be discussed during the initial consultation. The extracted fat is then purified, separating the fluid from the fat cells so that it is ready to be reinjected into the buttocks. The injected fat is carefully moulded to achieve the desired shape and size.

Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Hurt?

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will not hurt since a general anaesthetic is administered before the treatment begins. This ensures maximum comfort for the patient.

Are there any Side effects from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is normal for the buttocks to appear swollen and bruised after having a Brazilian Butt Lift. This can last from four to eight weeks after having the surgery, but it will then subside. In addition, the buttocks may feel tender and there may even be a slight numbness that will fade by itself.

Is there any Downtime Associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

There will be some downtime after the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. It is normal for patients to take around one week off work for recovery time. You may sit for short periods of time by applying pressure to the thigh and lower buttock, but fully sitting should be avoided for several weeks to ensure the new contour is not affected and there are successful results. Some exercise and movement are encouraged after the procedure. This ensures proper circulation after surgery. In addition, you may have to wear a surgical garment to aid in the recovery process. This can last a number of weeks to ensure the best results.

Who are Suitable Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is perfect for candidates who have issues with their flat buttocks, sagging buttocks or have experienced a dramatic weight loss, which can cause a change in their buttock’s shape. This includes after major life events, such as pregnancy and even after years of aging. Through a Brazilian Butt Lift, the result will be a rounder, more symmetrical and perky buttocks, with enhanced size and shape. Patients should be in good health and an average weight to receive a Brazilian Butt Lift and you should also not be a smoker at the time of the procedure.

If you would like to find out more about a Brazilian Butt Lift and how this procedure can help you, you can contact us today to discuss your options. You can also book a consultation with our leading female practitioner, Dr Alia Nasser.

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