Skin Care Tips- In your 20’s

Skin Care Tips- In your 20’s

Ever had that dizzying feeling of scanning the shelves for the right skin care product? With so many products claiming to be perfect for all skin types, it is hard to know which one to get.

Our skin is the protector of our bodies, it is our primary defense against the environment. Making sure our skin is hydrated, strong and healthy is crucial for maintaining a vigorous life. When you undergo a thorough skin analysis by a qualified aesthetician or dermal therapist you can gain clear insight of the state of your skin. Getting a skin analysis early in life will not only detect any possible issues, it will reduce the amount of treatments that may be needed in the future and all the associated costs.

As we age, our skin needs different nutrients to maintain healthy.

Over the next month, Dr Alia Nasser is going to share her skin care tips to ensure you maintain glowing skin at any age.

In your 20’s. 

This is the time to develop good skin habits to preserve your youthful glow.

If your skin feels tight after every cleanse it is an indication that your cleanser is stripping away natural oils. This can lead to your skin feeling dry and itchy. Not to worry, all skin types can benefit from a gentle, non-drying cleanser such as Cosmedix Benefit Clean.

An ideal moisturiser is Resveratrol from the Aspect Dr product range. For best results apply to to your face, neck and décolleté.

Treatment Peptides
Treatment Peptides (strings of amino acids) may play a role in preventing fine lines and wrinkles, such as Results Rx Pepoxide which is a peptide serum containing a naturally occurring acid in it for hydrating skin. If you have acne or you are already seeing signs of sun damage (hyperpigmentation), use a retinoid cream or a product containing retinol such as Cosmedix Define.

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