Make sunscreen your best friend

Make sunscreen your best friend

Make sunscreen your best friend

When people utter the word ‘sunscreen’, images of lying by the beach or the pool instantly come to mind. Australian’s have become better at applying sunscreen in traditional high sun exposure environments, but seldom do we consider protecting our skin whilst driving, or even sitting in an outdoor café having a sunny Sunday brunch.

Irreversible damage can be caused whilst driving, in fact a UK study has shown that the right side of our face will actually age quicker due to the UV damage caused while driving. Hands are also a great indicator of ageing. Applying sunscreen to your hands (especially when driving) will limit the damage caused by UV rays.

It’s a small effort to make for a long term benefit. There are various treatments and products you can use to avoid unexpected sun damage. We recommend IPL treatments to assist with pigmentation, and the use of sunscreens such as Actinica SPF 50 sunscreen.

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