Four Cosmetic Procedure Trends in 2014

Cosmetic Procedure Trends in 2014

Four Cosmetic Procedure Trends in 2014

The Dramatic Change

Chin Implants have secretly crept up upon us to become one of the rising stars of the cosmetic surgery world in a few short years. Interest continues to grow in 2014. In 2013, multiple media sources revealed that movie starlet Marilyn Monroe had undergone the procedure back in the 1950’s. Chin implants add definition to the face and balance out the facial features. The procedure produces immediate and significant changes to a person’s profile. For people with a receding chin, it can inject a renewed confidence into how they view themselves and create a striking transformation.

The New Mum’s Secret

Abdominoplasty or ‘Tummy Tuck’ has always been a popular procedure and this trend is continuing now more than ever. They are especially popular with new mums who after weight loss from their pregnancy, have been left with excess skin, stretched skin or weakened muscles. The ‘Tummy Tuck’ treatment takes away loose skin and tightens up the muscles resulting in a slimmer more toned tummy.

The Mature Ladies Solution

Brachioplasty or ‘Bingo Wing Surgery’ is popular with mature ladies. The procedure involves removing any excess and aging skin from the upper arms. The results are tighter, toned and more youthful arms. Many mature ladies feel self-conscious about their sagging upper arms and have a tendency to cover up, rather that wear what they would like. This procedure also continues to be popular with those who have lost a large amount of weight and now want to tighten up the skin to give them a toned appearance.

The Celebrity Inspiration

Media regularly report on celebrities who have had some form of cosmetic surgery procedure. The most influential of these in recent times has been the rise of non-surgical procedures, particularly non-surgical facelifts. Anti-ageing treatments like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and chemical peels have become a must have treatment on celebrity lists, and women the world over are following suit. The idea behind them is to restore the contour of the face without the need for any surgery, making it difficult for anyone outside of a trained cosmetic surgeon to be able to tell if they have had ‘work done’. Treatments like dermal fillers result in a more youthful line-free look that plumps up the skin and gives a rejuvenated look that is proving ideal for women who want the most potent anti-ageing procedures.

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