Male Hormone Therapy Sydney

Some men can suffer from low levels of testosterone, which can have some side effects that will affect your life. This includes a reduced desire to have sex, erectile dysfunction and even changes in how you feel, such as a low mood, sleep disturbance and energy. There are many reasons why men can have low levels of testosterone, such as genetics and medical conditions, as well as there being a link with obesity. In addition, testosterone can decline as we get older.

At Verve Cosmetic Clinic, male hormone therapy is offered to reverse the signs of low levels of testosterone. This can result in better sexual health and a better quality of life as negative side effects can be improved, such as low mood and energy. This is a treatment that can achieve results gradually over time.

What Happens during Male Hormone Therapy?

There are a number of male hormone therapy treatments that a patient can have and this will be up to a professional to decide which one is the best course of action. This can include injections, lotions, gels and tablets. All have the common purpose of treating low testosterone. You will be able to learn more about your options when you attend your consultation at Verve Cosmetic Clinic and discuss the procedure with a professional.

Does Male Hormone Therapy Hurt?

Every effort is made to make sure that every patient is as comfortable as possible during male hormone therapy. Most of the treatment options are well tolerated by patients and since treatments are normally quick, any discomfort is short lived.

Are there any Side Effects from Male Hormone Therapy?

There are minimal side effects associated with male hormone therapy. The procedure takes a gradually approach to increasing low levels of testosterone which reduces the chances of suffering from side effects. Male hormone therapy only looks to achieve natural levels of testosterone in the blood, unlike the unrealistic levels of other medications.

Is there any Downtime Associated with Male Hormone Therapy?

There is minimal downtime associated with male hormone therapy. There is no need to take any time off your work, as this is a gradual treatment. You can still enjoy your normal activities and daily routine, without having to make any major changes.

Patients that have male hormone therapy will be monitored regularly to make sure that the treatment is going well. Within one or two months, the testosterone levels will be assessed and consultations will be help to discuss symptoms with the patient.

Male hormone therapy is a gradual treatment, which means that it can take some time to see changes and feel the results. This means it requires a little patience, as treatment raises low levels of testosterone at a healthy and steady rate.

Who are Suitable Candidates for Male Hormone Therapy?

The suitable candidate for male hormone therapy with have low levels of testosterone and be experiencing signs that this is the case, such as low libido, erectile disfunction, depression and no energy. This is usually major enough to want to do something about it. It is recommended to have blood tests to make sure that these signs are of low testosterone rather than something else before treatment begins. All of the risks of male hormone therapy will be discussed clearly with patients before treatment begins. Men should be in good health to have male hormone therapy.

If you would like to find out more about male hormone therapy and whether this is the right treatment option for you, you can contact us today to arrange a consultation at Verve Cosmetic Clinic.

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