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Medi-Facials are the new revolution. They are medical strength facial treatments designed for all xskin types and to treat specific skin conditions. They are a great way to ensure you get the very best complexion.

At Verve, a customised combination of Cosmedix chirally correct ingredients will be blended according to individual needs to cleanse, balance, gently exfoliate, repair, nourish and hydrate your skin.

What chirally correct means is that the ingredients in the product are made in such a way that cell receptors in our skin can absorb them entirely getting maximum benefits with the least aggrevation to the skin.Chirally correct ingredients have to be purified the right way to be accepted by the skin.

Cosmedix-Medi Facial Peels

If you had the choice, would you apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin, or would you choose to apply a soothing, collagen stimulating therapy to enhance your skins appearance? Now Cosmedix affords you that choice. Traditional chemical peels create a change by destroying healthy tissue, forcing the body to heal itself.

Instead the Cosmedix innovative, non-traumatic peels succeed by stimulating healthy change in the skin to create beautiful, renewed complexion. Some of the Cosmedix peels can be used with no preparation at all, whereas some require a prepping time of anywhere between 10-30 days.

The Benefit Peel

This is the perfect Peel for anyone and everyone. It is suited to all skin types and delivers purified Retinol A and Vitamin C into multiple layers of the skin, which will gently exfoliate and stimulate collagen leaving you with a radiant glow. An excellent peel for clients with rosacea, redness and sun- damage. Your skin is instantly radiant and rejuvenated with no to minimal peeling.

Timeless Peel

The number one peel to reduce the visible signs of ageing, contains 30{41b0caec77ce05c51ae77da43976635965f7f9a171696a696760a309330d4d8b} Chirally correct L-Retinol A which helps promote faster and healthier cell turnover while also deeply exfoliating the skin. This results in in smoother, denser and more hydrated skin.You may need up to 8 weeks of treatment with Retin-A cream to see the results that you would get from one Timeless Peel. It works great in lightening, tightening and perfecting the skin. Suited for skins with Hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring, prematurely ageing skin and sun spots.

Salicylic Peel

This Peel is suited most for those with acne and acne scarring, it will dramatically improve and heal skin caused by acne without damaging your skin with harsh chemicals. You will be amazed by the results!!

Blueberry Smoothie Peel

This peel is deliciously refreshing on the skin!Using natural fruit acids and active blueberry extracts this peel will gently exfoliate the skin restoring an instant youthful glow in under 30 mins.

Perfect for your lunch break treat, or if you have something special on this is perfect to lift and brighten the skin before the event. There is no preparation required for this peel and no down time. Suited for all skin types and in achieving quick satisfying results.

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Metro JarMetroLotus-Flower

Pure, natural soy wax hand poured into a contemporary sand, soda ash and lime glass jar. Up to 55 hours burn time.


Ten Reed Room DiffuserTen-Reed-Room-Diffuser

Designed for long lasting, passive scenting of small to medium architectural spaces, indulgent and luxurious fragrance.


Body NourisherBody-Nourisher

A rich hypoallergenic all over body nourisher that locks in moisture to leave skin revitalized, soft and radiant.


Hand and Body LotionHand-and-Body-Lotion

A subtlety perfumed lotion rich with botanical oils of Macadamia and Coconut to moisturize and soften the skin, while Aloe Vera hydrates.


Hand CreamHand-Cream

A barrier forming hypoallergenic cream that protects, nourishes and moisturizes leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.


Hand and Body WashHand-and-Body-Wash

An ultra mild cleansing and moisturizing botanical was infused with exquisite fragrance.


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