Top 4 Body Sculpting Treatments to do this Spring

Top 4 Body Sculpting Treatments to do this Spring

Spring is here and the sun is shining.

Some dream about the summer days when they can strip off the layers of clothing again, grab their sunnies and swimmers, and go for a dip.

Since we still have time to get our body ready to enjoy the warmer weather, take note of your trouble spots and consider one of the 4 best body sculpting treatments that will get yourself looking great for anything that comes your way this summer!


Body Sculpting treatment #1 is Thermage. A one-session procedure that is non-invasive and requires no downtime, Thermage uses heat to help soften wrinkles and lines, tighten the skin, and give you a youthful overall appearance. It works by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen production and renewal, which makes the entire process seem more natural. It can be utilized on just about any body part, from eyes to jowls.

Liposuction & Laser Liposuction

Body Sculpting treatment #2, Liposuction has been used all over the world and is the most common of all cosmetic procedures. Bulges can be contoured, stubborn fat can be removed, and your body can be completely reshaped. Liposculpture removes fat more precisely and can be used in delicate areas such as the chin and neck.
Laser lipo is a method that “melts” fat cells and allows them to be removed with less force than traditional liposuction, meaning less risk of trauma to other tissue nearby. It is ideal for smaller areas of the body that need sculpting.

Fat Transfer

Body Sculpting treatment #3, Fat Transfer. With so many people trying to remove fat from their bodies, it might seem strange that this procedure adds fat. However, areas of the face such as sunken temples, deep frown lines, hollow cheeks and thin lips can benefit greatly from a fat injection. Using your own excess body fat from other areas will dramatically improve your features.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Body Sculpting treatment #4, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular treatment worldwide. You can’t go to the beach without showing your buttocks, so why not show it off. The butt lift can correct misshapen or drooping skin, enhance your curves, giving a lift and the perfect shape. It uses the fat that is removed from other areas of your body, so you’ll get a more defined shape overall.


Make the most of Spring and make your body summertime-hot.

For more information on these treatments or to make a time for a consultation, phone (02) 9363 2224.

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