Thermage: Smooth and tighten your skin without surgery or injections


Thermage: Smooth and tighten your skin without surgery or injections


As we go through life, our skin is forced to adapt to the many changes we encounter on our life journey.
Changes in our shape, lifestyle and the activities we partake in, can greatly affect our skin’s appearance.
The skin is our largest organ and it is inevitable that with age, its resilience and elasticity decreases. These effects are most visible on our face – a lifetime of laughing, smiling and furrowing brows can leave the skin tone uneven and wrinkled; your features start to lose definition around the jawline, lips and neck.
Thermage is an ideal treatment to combat the effects of ageing on your skin when you want to look more youthful and refreshed, but don’t want, or need the overly drastic change that comes with surgery; Thermage provides real results with little downtime.

What is Thermage?
Thermage is a proven radiofrequency treatment that transforms the skin by working below the surface to deeply stimulate collagen to tighten the skin and slow the aging process. The effect is a focus of energy that kick starts the body’s own natural renewal process. Thermage triggers the re-strengthening of the structure of the collagen fibres that provide support for our skin. Immediately after treatment your skin is visibly tighter as the collagen fibres contract. Thermage stimulates structural collagen synthesis and you see results continue to improve for the next 3 – 6 months.

Thermage treatment is ideal for:

  • Eyes: reducing fine lines around the eyes.  Lifting the upper eyelids to reduce the ‘hooding’ effect and lifts the brow line.
  • Face: loose jowls and sagging neck skin are smoothed and tightened, smoothing of facial fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Body: smooths crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples.  Temporarily improves the appearance of cellulite.


If you want to smooth and tighten your skin for a naturally younger looking appearance without surgery or injections, schedule a Thermage treatment before 30th  September for only $2,500 (save $500).


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