THERMAGE – Facial Rejuvenation with RESULTS that last!

THERMAGE – Facial Rejuvenation with RESULTS that last!

What Is Thermage?

You may have heard Gwyneth Paltrow talk about it recently, you may have heard Oprah sing its praises all the way back in 2006 – so what exactly is Thermage? In short, Thermage is a cosmetic procedure that can non-invasively take years from the face or body without ever having to go under a knife. This alternative to anti-aging surgical procedures provides patients with an option that can take a few years off the look of their skin in just one comfortable session.


To learn more about what Thermage is, the first thing you should do is take a look at how it works. The biggest and most common misconception about Thermage is that it’s a laser or laser surgery, but the treatment isn’t performed with a laser at all. What is actually used are radio frequencies, which have been used in medicine and medical sciences for more than 70 years most often in wound healing. Thermage was FDA approved way back in 2002, and approved for use around the eye in 2004, and it has grown in popularity for taking years from the face ever since. A person can see noticeable results after just one session, with full results becoming apparent after a period of 3 to 6 months.

Thermage can be and is used on various parts of the body, but the results are typically most dramatic on the delicate skin around the eye. The hooded eye look that some develop as they age is notoriously difficult to treat, and Thermage is one of the very few treatments one can opt for that is suitable for the sensitive nature of this area. Eye rejuvenation using Thermage can provide lasting results without surgery.

The way Thermage works to leave behind younger looking skin is simple. The radio frequencies used are monopolar, meaning they travel in only one direction, and they travel down into the lowest levels of the skin with each pulse reaching where the collagen of the skin resides. As the heat from the radio frequencies reach the collagen under the skin, they heat up, changing the physical structure of the collagen proteins and making them regain their original tight and recoiled shape they lose over time. The heat effecting the collagen is around 40 to 75 degrees Celsius, but the temperature may be controlled to provide you the most comfortable and successful treatment.

Thermage is considered to be medical grade technology, and while products making similar claims are available to consumer markets, they cannot be guaranteed to work for at-home use. The majority of dermatologists agree with the science behind Thermage technology, and the lasting results often speak for themselves. After receiving Thermage treatment, a person can expect their results to last for around a few years. If you wish to repeat the Thermage rejuvenation process after the skin has returned to its original state before the treatment, the technology may be used again to repeat the results on lines around the mouth, on the eyes, or anywhere on the body.

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