Spring Racing Is Here!

Spring Racing is Here

Spring Racing Is Here!

Spring is almost here! Although so much goes into preparation for the spring racing carnival, often the enjoyment is marred by foot pain and soreness from standing all day. Here are a few tips to better take care of your feet and minimise aches and pains.

Before the Spring Racing Carnival

Put as much attention to selecting heels or sandals as you do your clothes and other fashion accessories.

  • Style and comfort are not mutually exclusive  – If you want to stand all day during the races and fashion events and still be comfortable, find shoes with good support. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. You just need to put in some effort to find shoes you like that fit well and suit your outfit.  They’re out there somewhere!
  • Shoe inserts, insoles, pads and orthotics – For those who can’t find stylish comfy shoes, or have set their heart on fashionable ones offering little comfort, shoe inserts and other supportive accessories are the way to go. You can even buy inserts for your dressy heels, sandals and pumps.

If the balls of your heel hurt after standing, try metatarsal pads. If it’s the arch, get arch supports. Some supports, like gel insoles, provide comfort for the whole foot. Orthotic shoe inserts can make the difference between having an enjoyable or a torturous time.

  • Get in good form for the spring racing events – People who don’t exercise or walk regularly are going to have a harder time during and after the events. So get your feet in walking order. This will make your back, legs and feet ache much less and give you time to recover and pamper yourself before the big day. If you already have foot pain, swimming and water activities can help reduce stress on your feet as you exercise.
  • Try to lose some weight if you are overweight – It is amazing how losing a few kilograms can help relieve pain. Healthy weight reduction reduces stress on your joints while standing.

At the Spring Racing Carnival

  • Take a walk, literally – Walk around, don’t stand in one place. You’ll probably network better this way, and what better opportunity to flaunt your shoes!
  • Shift your weight from one leg to the other periodically to give each leg a break.
  • Stand with one foot in front of the other rather than placing them side by side.
  • If you can get away with it, stand on one foot, lift the other foot a bit and rotate your ankle. This helps prevent later foot pain.

After the event

  • Put your feet up – Even on regular days our feet swell up a little bit during the day. Spring racing events cause many swollen and sore feet. If you can elevate your feet above the level of your hips, even for a short time, this will help return your feet to their normal size.
  • Stretching and moist heat is good for aching feet – Soaking in a hot tub helps muscles relax. Stretching them will help get rid of the tightness. Otherwise, use a basin or foot spa for a 5-10 minute soak. Use 1-2 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 3-4 litres of water for a more soothing effect.
  • Cool water soothes tired, swollen feet – Soak your feet as you did with the warm water and keep your feet elevated for about 30 minutes to reduce swelling.
  • A foot rub or massage can do wonders – Use oil or lotion on the soles and apply gentle thumb pressure to all sore areas on your foot. You can also use wooden foot rollers or a foot spa with a built in massage.
  • A full body massage can be great too – Because it’s not just our feet and legs that suffer from standing in heels all day. Muscles of the back, neck and shoulders can also be affected. A relaxing bath and a massage is the perfect way to wrap up a great day at the Spring Racing Carnival.

Now go ahead and enjoy the Spring Racing Carnival 2013!

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