Sculpt Your Body With Liposculpture

Sculpt Your Body With Liposculpture

Sculpt Your Body With Liposculpture

Its the little things that matter, isn’t it? Once we notice a ‘problem’ with our own face or figure, we begin seeing it each time we look in the mirror; often to the exclusion of all positive aspects. It doesn’t matter whether it’s love handles, a stomach bulge or even fatty arms that we’ve hated forever; or new fat deposits under the chin, or your once-shapely thighs slowly going out of shape.

None of these changes come upon us unawares; unless they are the results of child bearing. A survey from the UK shows that most women with newborns are unprepared for how much their figures will change post-pregnancy. As women, we never miss a thing. Even though these changes may appear inconsequential or unnoticeable to others, we notice, and keep on noticing them forever.

Previous generations of women—and men—had to live with imperfections, but in the 21st century, we can do something about them. We have cosmetic surgery at our disposal to help us do away with the unsightly features we see in the mirror. Is it a wonder that liposuction, which can help sculpt our faces and bodies to better proportions, is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the world?

We do not look upon liposuction as a quick weight-loss procedure. It’s not kilograms that we remove from your figure, but centimetres. To us, liposuction is not some technology, which quickly removes fat deposits. Liposuction, or as we prefer to call it, liposculpture, is truly a technology that combines both science and art. And unless you’re good at both the technical and aesthetic, the outcomes will not be optimal.

At Verve Cosmetic Clinic we have a dedicated liposclupture centre, state of the art equipment and a highly skilled staff familiar with the advanced technology we need to create excellent outcomes for our patients. We perform tumescent liposculpture as well as laser-assisted liposculpture; and in some cases combine them for better results, depending on our patients’ needs.

The equipment alone cannot deliver aesthetic outcomes that you—and we—can be proud of. What really matters is careful analysis of your individual fat deposits, and strategically marking and removing those to achieve a more sculpted, refined body shape. It is essential to envision what areas of fat need to be removed to sculpt your figure to perfection.

The most common side effects of liposculpture include mild pain, swelling, and temporary numbness. At Verve we do our best to minimise your discomfort. You are always in excellent hands, with trained and experienced staff, and proper medical supervision by Dr Alia Nasser.

Most people we see at Verve Cosmetic Clinic are interested in losing those stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to dieting or exercise. Liposculpture can bring about remarkable body transformations in suitable candidates, because sometimes there are no easy or even difficult ways to get rid of stubborn fat.

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