Lip Enhancement Injections

Lip Enhancement Injections

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure your lips are looking their most kissable. Scientists at Manchester University have found that in the first ten seconds of meeting a woman, a man will spend more than five seconds looking at her mouth! The study also confirmed what has long been suspected by women across the world – men prefer fuller lips. Luckily there is a way to boost the volume of your lips. At Verve we offer Lip Enhancement Injections which can give your lips a naturally fuller look.

What are Lip Injections?
Non-permanent dermal fillers consisting of a plumping, naturally occurring acid are strategically injected into the lips and occasionally the area surrounding the lips. These dermal fillers consist of a tissue-friendly gel which closely resembles our own body’s naturally occurring acid and works by plumping the skin tissue, making it appear fuller. At Verve, Dr Alia Nasser likes to use a cross-linked gel with a smooth consistency which flows easily into the skin, giving longer lasting results. Some dermal fillers have a granular consistency which can create more lumpiness and swelling in the lips.

The filler is delivered into the lips through a number of small injections which are strategically placed to create the desired result. Lip enhancement does not always exclusively involve increasing the volume of the lips themselves, it may also include filling the areas surrounding the lips, thereby minimising the lines around the lips and improving their shape. The result should be a noticeable but natural-looking enhancement of the lip area. Results last between six to nine months, as the filler is naturally broken down and absorbed by the body, by repeating these treatments it has been noted that the fillers begin to stay in the area longer.

Why get Lip Injections?
If you feel your lips would look better if they were fuller, shapelier or more defined, lip injections might be right for you. While some people have naturally thin lips, many people also experience a significant loss of volume as a result of ageing. Many women looking to refresh their appearance and subtly minimise the sign of ageing opt for lip injections which focus on the ageing lip rather than only focusing on adding volume alone. Unlike more drastic anti-ageing procedures, a subtle lip enhancement can create a more vibrant and youthful look without the change appearing obvious. It is a myth that you need to plump the lips to look as if you are in your 20’s to address ageing of same. As well as adding volume to the lips, lip enhancement can be used to reduce fine lines around the mouth, add definition to your lip line or turn the corners of your mouth upwards.  These enhancements can benefit those whose lips have been affected by ageing as well as those who are simply unhappy with the natural appearance of their lips.


How to get your ideal lips
As with all cosmetic procedures, every individual has their own idea of what they would like their results to look like. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ lips and much is down to personal preference. However there are some general guidelines that all reputable practitioners should be aware of. As with any augmentation, lip enhancements should always be proportional to the client’s natural features. Those with more delicate and petite facial features are advised to opt for less volume, whereas those with larger features may require more fullness. Another important rule in lip enhancement is that the lower lip should be approximately 1.5X larger than the top lip and the upper lip should protrude slightly when viewed from the side. Inexperienced practitioners often over-inject the lips or place the injections in the wrong areas, creating a fake and overly pouty look. One of the most common errors is giving the top and bottom lips the same volume, which tends to remove the natural curve of the lips and make the upper lip look unnaturally large. As with all cosmetic procedures, it is important to choose a skilled and experienced practitioner. It’s always a good idea to look at before and after photos to make sure your practitioner has experience in creating the kind of results you are looking for.



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