Laser Facial Rejuvention

Laser Facial Rejuvention

Laser Facial Rejuvention

When the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released its 2012 statistics early this year, the biggest revelation was that non-surgical facial treatments had become the driver for growth.

In every age group, non-surgical treatment numbers were up and many people were increasingly interested in non-surgical options.

This global trend didn’t come as a surprise to us at Verve Cosmetic. We’re increasingly seeing people who ask us about non-surgical facial rejuvenation options, such as laser facial rejuvenation.

Laser treatments enjoy high growth rates

ASPS data shows that laser treatments enjoyed the highest growth rates last year. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments grew by 10 percent over 2011 in the American market, while laser skin surfacing grew by 9 percent.

Minimally invasive laser treatments are coming of age and producing excellent results. And for as long as they can put off surgery, people are opting for more affordable and convenient alternatives.

Not everyone can afford to take weeks off work for cosmetic surgery, but many still want to look the age they feel, rather than old, angry, stressed or tired-looking. Laser photo facial rejuvenation and other minimally invasive procedures give them the option of looking better without significant down time.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments

IPL is amazing at treating common skin texture and redness complaints, including sunspots, enlarged pores, rosacea, skin flushing, as well as broken veins and capillaries. IPL photo rejuvenation is also great for treating fine facial wrinkles.

The IPL system delivers precise amounts of light energy to stimulate skin collagen production. In the process it causes blood vessels to contract. It’s popular because it produces healthy, youthful skin without disrupting the skin’s surface. Hence, no downtime. You’ll notice smoother skin and reduced redness after only one treatment. Several treatments will help bring out your optimal skin texture and erase blemishes.

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is great for treating wrinkles, age spots and scars, both acne and others. It can treat the whole face or selected areas of the face.

There are two forms of laser resurfacing. The first creates a uniform injury across the whole treatment area, while the second—known as ‘fractional’ laser resurfacing—makes tiny channels into the deeper layers of skin, creating tiny columns of injury that affect about 30 percent of the skin.

The first form gives greater control on the depth of injury compared to other methods of resurfacing such as dermabrasion and chemical peeling. Fractional lasers create less surface injury, but bring about skin tightness when collagen contracts between the laser holes. Skin thickness and texture may determine how good a candidate you are for laser resurfacing treatments.

Fractional laser is suitable for all skin types, whereas previously, laser resurfacing was only possible on fair skinned people.

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