The labiaplasty procedure has experienced a recent surge in popularity, as it can help restore self-confidence, reduce physical irritation and improve sexual function in female patients. The procedure reduces the length and breadth of the labia minora, which are the inner lips of a woman’s vagina.

Some women are born with either enlarged or irregular shaped labia and this often becomes apparent during puberty. Alternatively, labia may become enlarged as a result of rapid weight loss or weight gain, ageing or childbirth. While everybody is different and variation in the size of anatomy is normal, enlarged labia, like a crooked nose or small breasts is something many people choose to alter in order to improve their confidence and enjoyment of life.

The result of enlarged inner labia is that the tissue can protrude outside the outer labia, causing embarrassment and discomfort. This can impede women’s ability to enjoy their life to the fullest, for a variety of reasons. Enlarged labia can protrude from swimwear or underwear, causing chafing and embarrassment and preventing them from wearing the clothes they would like to. Women with enlarged labia may also experience pain and discomfort when performing certain exercises. Enjoyment of sexual intercourse can also be seriously impacted. When the labia is large enough to hide the clitoris, this can seriously impact the ability to experience sexual pleasure during intercourse.

At Verve, we understand that the decision to have labiaplasty can be prompted by a number of concerns and we always exercise sensitivity and care in our consultation and surgical procedures. We have performed many labiaplasty surgeries and have seen the difference it can make to the lives of women who are effected by enlarged labia. If you are interested in labiaplasty, call us on 02 8999 6709 or send an enquiry to

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