Injectable Nutrients

Injectable Nutrients

Injectable Nutrients

Injectable nutrients are a great way to boost your energy, vitality and immune system. Injectable nutrients deliver essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream without going through the digestive system.

Injectable nutrients came into their own through research conducted on various fronts, including nutrition for premature newborns, people who have undergone operations on any part of the digestive system and those on end of life treatments. Today they act as lifesavers for anyone unable to receive all their nutrients from food.

Over the years other uses have been found for injectable nutrients. There are many medical applications for injectable vitamins and minerals. One good example is including vitamin C for cancer pain, as part of a chemotherapy cocktail of drugs.

You will find vitamins and certain supplements also in injectable form. They are usually in sterile packs and contain a purer version, sans the colours, flavours and preservatives that are typically found in the oral equivalents.

In some cases, rather than inject the nutrient itself, there are injections formulated with components of the nutrient, which will come together in your blood stream to give you the correct level of nutrition.

The most commonly injected nutrients include:

  • Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC)
  • B Vitamins
  • Glutathione (GSH)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Which injectable nutrients are right for you?

That depends on many factors.

Your physical complaints – whether you feel tired, exhausted, overly stressed or suffering from some specific ailment that can benefit from nutrition injections.

Certain medical conditions that make injectable nutrition necessary.

People who have had intestinal surgery and those whose digestive systems are unable to absorb the good nutritional content from food may also benefit from injectable versions of such nutrients.

A blood sample analysis can show which nutrients will benefit you.

How it works

It’s very important to find out what exactly is causing your specific complaints. This is why Dr Nasser will have an initial consultation with you, including a blood sample, to help discover the root of your complaints. Once this analysis is complete, Dr Nasser will be able to recommend a course or courses of nutrients to be administered according to a defined schedule.

Environment matters too

If you are feeling tired, exhausted or stressed some relaxation is called for. But for many people even money cannot buy the revitalising luxury of a quiet hour. The Drip and Chill lounge at the Verve Cosmetic Clinic allows you the time and space to relax. Let the calming environment of our Drip and Chill lounge work its magic on you while the vitamins do their thing to revive and revitalise you, and boost your energy levels.

Risk considerations

It is important to ensure that the injectable nutrients are compatible with whatever medications and oral supplements you are taking. Some injectable nutrients can reduce the effect of certain medications. It works the other way too: Some medications can make injectable nutrients not work.

Your medical history is also important, because nutrients in large doses can cause problems for people with certain medical conditions. Please share you complete medical history with Dr Nasser before your injectable nutrition plan is drawn up.

Injectable nutrients should be given according to proper protocol and under sanitary conditions. Dr Nasser has undergone specialised training in intravenous nutrient therapy with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

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