How To Lose Fat in Winter

How To Lose Fat in Winter

How To Lose Fat in Winter

Liposuction is a popular procedure all year round, but many people choose to have this treatment in winter. We asked some of our patients why, then added a bit of extra information ourselves. Here’s our short list of reasons.

You can get away with it!

Most people have liposuction over relatively large areas of the body, often in multiple spots. Swelling and bruising in the treated areas will take time to subside. Sometimes it takes as long as a month for your body to get back to normal. You can have liposuction in the winter and get away with it, because the bruising and swelling are easily hidden under layers of clothing. You simply camouflage your newly liposculpted body in winter clothing until it recovers from the effects of the procedure and is ready for show.

Liposuction can make you sweat!

After a liposuction treatment you will need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks. Regardless of which part of the body is involved, compression garments are not fun to wear, especially in hot weather.

Compression garments can make a huge difference in determining the final outcome of liposuction, but they are no fun to wear when it’s steamy outside. In summer, physical activity can be uncomfortable while wearing a compression garment. It can even be uncomfortable when you’re doing nothing at all.

Compression garments are far more tolerable in the colder months. This is another reason you may want to opt for a liposuction treatment in the winter.

Liposuction results take time

Just as with most other cosmetic surgical procedures, your body can take weeks to heal after liposuction. It can be a full month until you can really enjoy your exciting new shape sans swelling and bruising. No one wants to look swollen and bruised in summer. Summer is the time to go to the beach.

Are you considering a liposuction treatment this winter to get your beach body in shape? At Verve Cosmetic Clinic and MediSpa we offer both conventional liposuction and minimally invasive laser liposuction all year around. Either way and any time of year, we can help you get rid of unwanted layers of fat and liposculpt your body into an exciting new shape.

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