Healite II

Healite II

Healite II uses light (energy) to stimulate the skin and bring an abundance of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. The result is painless skin rejuvenation, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scarring and improved skin tone.

Healite II is a therapeutic and healing treatment, as a result it is commonly used post procedure for laser treatments or cosmetic surgery to assist in reducing bruising, swelling and redness and help prevent scarring. Healite II also has a systemic effect by encouraging blood flow, this means photoproducts such as growth factors that are produced, are picked up and carried throughout the body which leaves you feeling revitalised and relaxed.

One of the most impressive results of the Healite II is the ability to boost the body’s anti ageing constituents, which not only improves skin structure but boosts collagen producing cells.

Healite II treatments are $100, or only $50 if added to another treatment. Packages are available.

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