The DermaSweep system is a revolutionary new take on the traditional microdermabrasion system. This state-of-the-art multimodality treatment expertly combines precision exfoliation, potent topical solutions and variable vacuum pressure to create powerful results. This treatment is exploding in popularity because it not only produces outstanding results, but is also completely painless, very low risk, requires zero downtime and produces instantly visible results.

How does it work?
The unique DermaSweep system works in three stages; exfoliation, circulation and infusion.

To achieve optimum micro-resurfacing, the vacuum pump gently lifts the surface layer of the skin, while the DermaSweep bristles work to sweep away the surface layer of dead skin. The vacuum action enables the skin to be gently drawn towards the gentle bristles, allowing for more successful and less irritating exfoliating action. A distinctive feature of the DermaSweep is that these bristles and the vacuum pressure are customized for each individual treatment, based on the patient’s unique skin type. The patent pending bristles also eliminate the mess and risks of traditional crystal-based microdermabrasion systems.

The exfoliation stimulates blood circulation to the skin, enhancing lymphatic drainage, oxygenation and the delivery of nutrients to the skin.

During the DermaSweep treatment, we take advantage of the skin’s optimized receptivity to nutrients by infusing the skin with customized solutions using potent ingredients, specially formulated to treat specific skincare concerns. All our infusions are 100{41b0caec77ce05c51ae77da43976635965f7f9a171696a696760a309330d4d8b} paraben free and contain the highest quality skincare ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and skin plumping natural acids for optimal skin rejuvenation.

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What types of infusion products are available?
There are three categories of SkinFusions available, Premium Fusions, Peel Fusions and Epil Fusions. Each of these products is formulated to treat a different skin concern, using premium, scientifically proven, active ingredients such as DNA repairing enzymes, peptides, growth factors, proteins, antioxidants and skin clearing alpha-hydroxy acids.

Your skincare practitioner will assess your skin, discuss your desired outcomes and decide which of the SkinFusions will deliver the best results for you.

Which skin concerns can DermaSweep treat?
• Hyper-pigmentation
• Aging skin
• Loose or sagging skin
• Lines around the eye area
• Fine lines
• Acne
• Oily Skin
• Rough, uneven skin texture
• Dry & dehydrated skin
• Sensitive skin
• Improving overall skin health

What kind of results can I expect?
The results of microdermabrasion can be seen almost immediately. Just one microdermabrasion session can improve the skin’s colour, tone, and health. After treatment, the face should have a fresh appearance and a smooth, soft texture. However, the microdermabrasion system works best when a patient receives multiple treatments at intervals of two to three weeks.

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How long will a microdermabrasion treatment session last?
A microdermabrasion treatment typically lasts between 40 and 60 minutes. Patients should see improvements in their complexion after a single treatment, but lasting results are only achieved through a series of sessions performed over the course of several weeks.

Call now on (02) 9363 2224 to speak with one of our experienced staff about how DermaSweep could benefit you, or send us an enquiry here. This treatment is ideal for rejuvenating the skin during the colder months, where skin often becomes dull.

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