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Skin ageing is due to genetic factors as well as environmental factors including sun exposure and smoking. These result in uneven or blotchy appearance to the skin due to age spots, uneven pigmentation, broken capillaries, fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Skin is a dynamic organ. Every day cells divide in the deep layer of the skin and migrate to the superficial layer called the epidermis.. As new cells grow, old cells slough off from the epidermis. Medical peels involve the application of a chemical solution to the face which causes an accelerated form of exfoliation of these dead cells. Medical peels work by removing different layers of the skin allowing damaged cells to be removed and replaced by fresher new skin during healing.

There are many different peels available. Facial peels are divided into superficial, medium and deep. Very superficial peels, such as the ones performed by beauticians, only remove the top layer of dead skin cells and thus usually only have a short period of minor cosmetic benefit.

Stronger superficial peels and medium to deep peels performed by doctors, usually result in a noticeable improvement in textural irregularities, uneven pigment such as ‘age spots’ and freckling, deeper wrinkles, some types of acne scaring and precancerous skin lesions.

The deeper the peel the greater and more long-lasting the benefits are especially for deeper wrinkles, however the deeper the peel, the longer the recovery time. At the initial consult, after a comprehensive assessment, we will choose the right peel that suits your skin and is tailored for your schedule.

At Verve, we use peels listed below:

  • Peels from CosMedix – for Today and TomorrowIf you had a choice, would you apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin, or would you choose to apply a soothing natural product? Now CosMedix affords you that choice. Traditional chemical peels create a change by destroying healthy tissue, forcing the body to heal itself. Instead, CosMedix innovative, non-traumatic peels succeed by aiding healthy change in the skin to help create a beautiful, renewed complexion. You will achieve maximize results with minimum downtime.
  • Blueberry Smoothie Today’s PeelCosMedix deliciously refreshing Blueberry Smoothie™ scrub helps invigorate the skin with the use of a gentle acid, and active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful glow without irritation.
  • Blueberry Jessner Peel Today’s PeelCosMedix Blueberry Jessner™ Peel is good for all skin types and is best used as a pre-peel application to ready the skin for a deeper peel treatment. Darker skin types should use a lightening agent for 10-15 days prior to applying this powerful, highly effective preparation deep sea peel.
  • Timeless Peel Tomorrow’s PeelOur very best peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing. CosMedix Timeless Peel™ is chirally corrected to generate immense activity in the skin. This enormously effective deep peel aids in exfoliation. Timeless Peel also helps to increase your skin’s moisture level offering an age defying, smooth textured complexion.
  • Deep Sea Peel Tomorrow’s peelCosMedix Deep Sea Peel™ relies on the healing power of the ocean. You will feel the refreshing action of this unique non-acid peel for up to 24 hours after application, but the remodelling goes on for days.
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Prices start from $150 and will vary depending on the treatment chosen.


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