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Bothered by stubborn fat that simply won’t go away even after resorting to a healthy diet and exercising regularly? This is because our bodies are design to genetically store fat. When we gain weight, the fat cells in our body expand and that’s where the bulge often comes from. Traditional weight-loss methods might not respond



You have probably seen it be called the ’Vampire Facial’ or the ‘Vampire Facelift’ but Platelet Rich Plasma rejuvenation (PRP) is more than just a folk tale. With increased popularity by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, this highly successful, clinically proven cosmetic procedure can help improve the tone, texture and colour of your skin by using

Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation


As we age our bodies naturally begin to change. One of the biggest changes to occur are in our hormones. Hormones play an important role in the growth of a number of organs in our body that affect our mood, metabolism, sexual function and so on. For women, hormonal changes happen during the three stages

Hormone Replacement Therapy


It’s official: butts are the new boobs and the rule seems to be, the bigger the better – curvy ladies rejoice! However, if the shape or volume of your behind isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, there is a very effective solution – the Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure, involving a fat transfer

Brazilian Butt Lift