Vaginal Laser Therapy, What Is It & How Can It Help Me?

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Vaginal Laser Therapy, What Is It & How Can It Help Me?

For many women, child birth, the oral contraceptive pill, menopause and the natural aging process all contribute to a variety of hormone and body changes. One common issue among women who fall into this category is vaginal atrophy, this means the walls of the vagina become thinner, drier, and more easily inflamed, decreasing sensation and sexual pleasure as well as being a contributing factor to urinary incontinence.

The Mona Lisa Touch (also known as Vaginal Laser Therapy) is an innovative non–surgical procedure that stimulates the regeneration of vaginal tissue, promoting cell renewal, wall strength & blood supply using a CO2 laser and is suitable for women of all ages.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms below, then the Mona Lisa Touch procedure is for you:

• Urinary Incontinence
• Vaginal Dryness
• Vaginal prolapse and laxity
• Decreased sensation and stimulation during intercourse
• Vaginal inflammation, thinning, itching and burning sensation
• Vulva pigmentation

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure takes approximately 30 mins, with no downtime, however avoiding sexual activity for 5 days is advised.

Generally, the treatment consists of 3 sessions, 1 month apart with one follow up maintenance treatment per year.

Treatment Cost: $1050 per treatment or $2550 for a package of 3 (Saving of $200 per treatment.)

Dr Alia Nasser specialises in women’s health, anti aging, pre and post menopausal and regenerative medicine.
For further information on this procedure or to make an appointment call 02 9363 2224 or email


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