The Miracle Shot – Vaginal Rejuvenation

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The Miracle Shot – Vaginal Rejuvenation

Perhaps the mystery of the female orgasm has finally been solved. At one time, the elusive G-Spot was said to be the pleasure center of every woman’s world. Those who could not achieve orgasm obviously had no clue where to find the G-spot. Turns out, there may be a very good reason why this spot was so hard to find.

The G-spot: Fact or Fiction
Italian doctors have discovered that the fabled G-spot is just that: a fable. The good news is, there are more areas where sexual pleasure can be achieved than just one spot. The G-spot was “discovered” in 1950, and the reviews were mixed. Some women reported that it truly was the pleasure center of their body, while many women reported that they could never quite understand where it was. Then, in 1976, a major report discovered that the clitoris was actually the main point of orgasm for most women.
The O-spot: Today’s Reality
Today, doctors have determined that the idea of one simple spot being responsible for the female orgasm is outdated and much too simple. In fact, doctors have discovered that there is an entire system that governs sexual pleasure and subsequent orgasm. The CUV (named for the clitoris, urethra, and front vaginal wall) complex works together to produce orgasm during proper stimulation. This means that the G-spot is out and the expanded O-spot is in. Just inside the vagina, to be specific. The O-spot is the entire area near the clitoris that goes just inside the vagina; this is the spot that is the responsible for orgasm.
The Miracle Of The O-Shot
Some women have a reduced clitoral sensitivity for various reasons. This can include those who are older or those who have had children. For those with lower sensitivity, orgasm can be more difficult to achieve. All is not lost, however, thanks to a new treatment called the O-Shot.
The O-Shot can increase libido and sexual satisfaction in many women who have lost that loving feeling. The O-Shot is an injection that can stimulate new cell growth in the vaginal area that plumps up the clitoris and increases sensitivity. It’s a way to help the CUV system work toward its common goal and thus give women a new lease on their sex life.
You’re never too old to enjoy sex and with the O-Shot, orgasm through vaginal rejuvenation is possible.

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